MDK@Silom Philosophy created by 5 principles (Hi-5) :
Hi-Technology / Hi-Touch / Hi-Care / Hi-Design / Hi-Quality with reasonable price


Firmly intend to apply the world leading dental technology such as dental unit at the ultimate level including any other technology to increase the efficiency, accuracy and safety to the higher quality. High technology dental treatment with digital X-ray and 3 dimension dental CT scan for general scanning and the accuracy of the dentistry work and Implant Prosthesis. The high quality of examination and root canal treatment is provided with the latest Dental Microscope etc.
hi-touch principle


Firmly intend to nurture the patient’s smile together with the supporting team and the qualified dental assistant with well-trained experiences. We are ready to look after your smile at the first moment you step in our dental empire until you impressively leave us.

Hi-Care :

Firmly intend to group together, all specialty dental experts with highly qualify and a lot of experiences to join hands and create the arts on your smile.


Hi-Design :

Firmly intend to design our Dental Centre to be cosy, exciting, different and highlighted on the hygienic and airy parlour together with the arts of imaginative creation in harmony with style, joy, happiness and smile. Once you step inside you will feel WOW!!! And think back to your childhood being in the fun park. The atmosphere of a Ferris wheel and carousel is the dream world and imagination. You will be amazed with us.

Hi-Quality with Reasonable Price :

Firmly intend to open the luxurious Dental Care Centre amidst Silom area with reasonable price, quality-oriented and the smile which will be engraved in your memory forever